5 cats

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  • 13*11 (S)
  • 19*16,5 (M)
5 cats
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Set of animal figures symbolizing the family is made of natural oak. The figurines are made entirely by hand. We develop a sketch, transfer it to the board, saw, sand and apply a protective coating. Also on request we make personalization.

The products are coated with cold-pressed linseed oil, which is the best means for wood processing or waxes from OSMO and Beckers, which have EN-71 certificates (safe for children’s toys – saliva and sweat resistant). Therefore, our figurines are safe for kids (from 3 years old) and they can not only play with them, but also chew on them.

Since our products are handmade, they may vary slightly from what is seen in the photos. After all, the color, texture and pattern of the wood is different for everyone. So you can be sure that you will get a truly unique thing!


We pack the piece in kraft paper, fill the inside with wood chips, tie with jute thread and attach our workshop label.

You can also choose the gift wrapping option.

When ordering several items, the items are packed together. If you would like them to be packed separately, please email us, we will pack separately and sign.

Cleaning method

Clean the figurines gently only with a damp cloth. Don’t use disinfectants and don’t souse them in water.

Size (centimeters)

13*11 (S), 19*16,5 (M)


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