Lately, plastic products have moved to the background, and wood products are becoming more and more popular. This can be observed in different spheres of life. In this article we will tell you about the types of wood we use.

Our main material is oak of two kinds. These are the common brown oak and the red oak.


Brown oak is a classic, pleasant looking and touching wood suitable for any interior, in the beginning we often made figures from it, but now we prefer red oak.

Red oak is a very beautiful wood with a reddish hue and interesting texture. We use it for almost all products. The cost of this wood is very high, but we still chose it because of its qualities and beauty. Red oak is also quite difficult and fastidious in processing, but we found an approach to it and now everything goes smoothly.

Beech is a fairly common wood because of its cost and ease of processing. It looks uniform and has a light color. It is perfect for lovers of minimalism. In our products we do not use it so often, mainly for making sets of “mathematics”, “alphabet” and coloring books. Sometimes at the request of the client we make figures out of it.

Also it should be clarified that the wood we use does not contain any chemicals and additives. In the next article we will tell you what materials we use to cover our products.